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Interior Windows

Glass cut to size

The wide variety of uses that you can put glass to means it has to be available in a variety of sizes. At Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa, we can ensure the glass you buy is the perfect size for your requirements.

While-you-wait service

Do you need glass cutting to a specific size to fit a frame, whether it’s for a picture frame or a balcony? Get in touch to arrange a time for our while-you-wait service, and we’ll take care of all your glass service requirements, whether you want laminated glass, patterned glass, stove glass, fire-rated glass, or float glass.

Float glass

Float glass is so-called due to its method of manufacture. The raw materials are melted to make molten glass on a bed of liquid tin. This floating molten glass is then slowly cooled to create glass at a uniform thickness.

We stock 2mm to 10mm

Available tinted (bronze/grey)

Suitable for all glass products unless it needs to be toughened

Glass cut and tailored to your needs

Cut-to-size textured glass
Gradient overlay
Patterned glass

At Tamara Glass Ltd we supply frosted, clear and semi-frosted glass varieties, which can be cut while you wait. Our Pilkington Textured/Barron Glass is created obscure for privacy. Please call us in advance to ensure availability. We also offer mirrors cut to your specifications.

Replaced stove glass
Gradient overlay
Stove glass

We also supply glass to be used specifically for log burners and it is therefore specially coated to withstand heat. Customers can bring the log burner door or old glass in as a template for us to work to. Contact us in advance to arrange same-day cutting. Please note, our stove glass is not suitable for ovens or fire doors.

Glass being cut to size
Gradient overlay
Glass we provide
  • Clear float glass 2mm - 10mm

  • Mirrors 3mm - 6mm

  • Laminated glass 4.4mm - 11.5mm

  • Patterned and frosted glass

  • Fire-rated safety glass

  • Tinted glass 4mm - 10mm

A general interior view of a wood effect UPVC conservatory on a sunny day being used as a

Do you need a company that cuts glass to size? Contact our specialist team at Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa if you need glass for shower screens, windows, balustrades and more. We can cut your glass while you wait and we also offer a quality glass fitting service.

Call 01926 422074

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