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Sink in the bathroom standing on a glass shelf with modern pipe on the wall, bathtub, show

Glass shelves

Choose Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for quality glass shelving and brackets.

Glass shelves and brackets

We provide the brackets for your shelves so you can be sure that your shelves have the correct fittings for safety and to look their best.

Light, modern and bespoke

Glass shelves are perfect for a modern, minimalist interior, as they create a greater feeling of light and space. They are not heavy, bulky shelves, and keep the focus on your display. Practical, discreet, and versatile, they allow the light to stream through. They are perfect for any room in the house, and we can create shelves of any size and shape to fit any oddly sized corner.

Strong and easy to clean

Glass shelves are strong and easy to clean, and very low maintenance. All they need is a wipe to keep them dust free.

They are also resistant to moisture, mould, and heat, making them perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.

Tough, safe, and durable

We provide shelves in a variety of thicknesses for different applications. They are made from toughened glass, which means they are extremely durable. In the unlikely event they do break, they will shatter safely into tiny pieces, rather than large, dangerously sharp shards. We can also supply the shelf brackets

Hand on the glass

Are you looking for glass shelves? Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa. We offer a top-quality service and can cut glass to size and fit it for you.

Call 01926 422074

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