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Sink and mirror in modern bathroom

Glass mirrors

Choose Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for a range of quality mirrors.

Practical and aesthetic mirrors

At Tamara Glass Ltd, we can help you choose the best mirror to suit your specific requirements. We also supply glue, screws and clips.

Silver Mirror

Silver mirrors

For a touch of class in any room of your home, a silver mirror can be a great choice and offers high reflectivity.

Grey Tinted Mirror

Tinted mirrors

These types of mirror come with a bronze or grey tint. Such subtle tones can really complement your decor.

Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors

Our antique mirrors are supplied either with bronze or no tint. These mirrors only come in 6mm thickness.

A variety of finishes available

Mirrors have a practical and aesthetic use. We use them all the time, often without thinking about it. Mirrors bounce light around our home, making our space feel lighter, brighter and bigger. At Tamara Glass Ltd, we supply mirrors of several types and finishes for a variety of usages.

Toughened mirrors

Once the glass has been silvered, it can’t be toughened, so mirrors are made from glass that has already been processed. Being resistant to humidity, they can be used in bathrooms and showers, as well as gyms and similar premises. We can supply toughened mirrors that are made to order.

Sandblasted designs

At Tamara Glass Ltd, we can sandblast your mirror to your exact requirements:

  • We can produce custom designs supplied by you

  • We can sandblast the design on the glass face

  • We can also sandblast on the back of the mirror to remove the silver paint, which allows the light to shine through behind

Demister pads

We sell demister pads. They are self adhesive and stick to the back of the mirrors. They work by heating up the mirror slightly to remove any steam that builds up on the glass. The pads need to be hard wired into the wall behind the mirror.

Commercial bathroom. on white color room

Are you looking for quality glass mirrors? Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for a range of mirror options to suit your specific requirements. We also do leaded lights and surface protectors.

Call 01926 422074

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