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Secondary-glazed windows

Secondary glazing

Are you looking for a company that can supply and install a secondary window on the room-side of an existing window? Get in touch with Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa.

Secondary window specialists

Secondary glazing units improve heat retention and sound reduction, and work like double glazing with your existing single pane window.

Vertical slider secondary glazing

Aluminium window units

Secondary glazing units are ideal for listed buildings or soundproofing and can be supplied and fitted if required by our team of experts. They will be made to order and are available in different glass types and in any colour. We can also fit quality secondary glazing units to suit your window style. Our team will also supply and install any components that make up your window.

Our window types explained

Fixed panel windows

Fixed panels are a more permanent solution, ideal for windows where access is very rarely required and space is limited. With their slimline finish, they can also be fitted onto the inside of your door. Fixed window panels can be fitted with a turn button release so the unit can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Lift-out panel windows

Lift out panels are a convenient and lightweight option for heritage or listed windows that require occasional access. When access is required the unit can be easily lifted out of the subframe.

Hinge panel windows

Hinged secondary windows are ideal for original casements or sash window, the hinged panel can be hung from either side or from the top allowing it to be customised for any convenience and no obstruction. Hinged panels use a multi-locking system that holds the panel tightly and securely to the frame, not allowing any draft to flow through.

Horizontal sliding windows

Horizontal sliders are the most popular system for secondary glazing, using multiple panels on a sliding system, simply unclip and slide your panel along behind the other to gain access to your window. They are suitable for most windows types, especially ones with vertical bars. All of the panels can be easily lifted out of the sub frame to allow for cleaning and maintenance.

Vertical sliding windows

Vertical Sliding systems are the perfect, cost-effective solution to improve the thermal and sound quality of your sash windows where double glazing is not possible. The system works the same as a sash window with the panels able to slide up and down for easy access to your window. The panels are fitted with a hinge on the bottom, simply unclip the top of the panel and it will open into the room to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance to the window.

The benefits of secondary glazing

Whatever property you own, you can't go wrong with made to order secondary glazing.


By installing our windows with strong aluminium frames, you can expect an increase in the level of your property's security.


You can expect our windows to be up to 80% quieter - reducing levels of noise by up to 54dB.


Draught reduction and a complete internal seal reduces condensation and increases warmth by 65%.


Compared to primary window systems, the installation of secondary glazing is great value for your money.


Our secondary glazing installations are mess free and are suitable for any building or type of window.

Noise reduction

At Tamara Glass Ltd, we use secondary glazing techniques to install noise-reducing windows to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. You can count on us to survey your property and take precise measurements of your window. Depending on your requirements, we can fit secondary glazed units for your home. We also install balustrades, splashbacks, and more.

Georgian architecture extreme

Are you looking for secondary glazing specialists? Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for secondary window units made to order.

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