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Leaded light - fitted

Leaded light panels

At Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality work.

Leaded lights – old and new

Leaded lights or stained glass has been around for centuries and is still a popular choice for both period and modern homes and businesses.

Glass for personal and educational use

Stained glass is an increasingly popular hobby, and more people are attending classes to learn how to create their own stained-glass projects. At Tamara Glass Ltd, we sell stained glass sheets for all your personal needs, as well as for those running courses or workshops. We can cut the glass sheets to whatever size is needed.

New stained glass to custom designs

Stained glass can create wonderful patterns of light and colour as sunlight streams into your home. Whether you wish to recreate an authentic look for your period property, or add an individual wow factor to your modern home, we can create new leaded light panels to any size or shape to your exact specifications and custom designs. All the panels are made in our workshop in Leamington Spa.

Restoration work

We also undertake restoration work on your leaded light panels. If the lead is in good condition, we may be able to fix your panel on site. If the lead is cracked or distorted, then the panel will need to be removed and rebuilt at our workshop. Every effort is made to re-use as much of the original glass as possible and any broken pieces will be matched as close as possible with new ones.

Low Angle View Of Stained Glass Window

Are you looking for leaded light panels? Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for stained glass, custom designs and more. We also offer safety glass and processed glass services.

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