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Man Hand opens a plastic pvc window

Double glazed units

At Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa, our insulated glazed units include double glazing (4mm to 22mm cavity) and triple glazing (8mm to 44mm total cavity).

Georgian bar and cat flap

Glazed unit properties

We manufacture double-glazed units on-site. Choose from a selection, ranging from standard units to specialist products, including argon-filled units. We offer various colours of spacer bars and even do holes for cat flaps and pet doors.

Gas Filled (Argon + Krypton)

Warm Edge Technology

Aluminium Spacer Bar

Low E Glass

Decorative units

Features of our decorative units include back-to-back bars (Duplex), Georgian bars, imitation lead design, sandblasted design, and encapsulated leaded lights. View our gallery for examples of our work.


Also known as Back-to-Back bars, our Duplex units consist of internal bars, giving the appearance of multiple units.


These bars are fitted between the panes of glass and are sealed into the units, to give the idea of traditional Georgian style.

Imitation Lead

To present an impression of real lead, these imitation bars give an impression of the separators in traditional stained-glass windows.


Beautifully sandblasted glass designs can make your window stand out and transform the look of your room.

Encapsulated Leaded Lights

Our encapsulated leaded light windows are thermally efficient and beautiful to behold.

They are also durable as the design protects the leaded lights within the unit, thereby increasing longevity.

A variety of insulated units to choose from

Triple-glazed units

These units consist of three panes of glass which increase insulation levels and performance. The glass layers reduce heat loss and noise, as well as condensation that may otherwise appear on the windows. Additionally, you can expect increased energy efficiency, plus durability - they are harder to break through, and therefore your security levels are increased. Contact us today for more information.

Slimline heritage units

If you’re looking for slimline heritage units, we supply 4 or 6mm cavity, suitable for sash windows, and low U-value (this is with low E glass and gas filled) means better insulation performance. With just 3mm in depth it also gives ultra slim sightlines. Super Spacer® is a high-performance warm edge spacer system, which blends with any frame finish.


Trade customers are welcome. View our Edgetech document for further details. We also provide glass accessories.

Integrated blinds

'Between Glass Blinds' are sealed units with blinds sealed between the glass. Units are made to order and the benefits are that you don’t need to clean the blinds, which means they are easy to maintain. They feature a discreet magnetic mechanism to lower, tilt and control them and they are becoming a popular choice for property owners. Contact us today for more details.

double glazed window left open

Are you looking for insulated glazed units? We always give you the best price. We also offer an installation service for glass you buy from us, and a boarding service for any businesses that need security quickly and replacement glass sourcing as quickly as possible. Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa today.

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