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Glass sandblasting services

Contact our team at Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa and we’ll advise you on your decorative design options and more.

Why use sandblasted glass?

Sandblasted glass can be applied to an entire sheet of glass, or to a specific design, and is used for practical, as well as aesthetic reasons.

A variety of applications

Glass can be sandblasted to any design, and can be used for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Company name or logo

  • House name or number

  • Decorative shower screens

  • Privacy screen or partitions

  • Doors and windows

We have many fonts available, and we can create a custom design to achieve the exact look you want. We will send a proof design CAD drawing to you before going ahead, to ensure you are happy with it.

Increased privacy and light

Sandblasted glass is perfect for increasing privacy when used in windows or partitions. It also still lets the light through, meaning that privacy can be increased with no loss of light, whilst protecting the interior from the harsh glare of direct sunlight. It also reduces harmful UV rays, thus reducing damage caused by sunlight.

Perfect for period and modern properties

Etched and sandblasted glass has been around for a very long time and is very authentic when used on an older property. For example, an etched fanlight above a Victorian door can look fantastic. It’s equally at home, however, in a modern setting as sandblasted or etched glass can also look very cool and contemporary.

A gray retro pop art right angle design element

Are you looking for glass sandblasting services? Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa to discuss our range of decorative designs. View our gallery for examples of our work. We also do glass cutting.

Call 01926 422074

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