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Shower screens

Contact our team at Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for up-to-date advice on the best options for shower screens.

The Ultimate Showering Experience

Glass provides the most durable, easy to clean material for your shower panels or screens. Tamara Glass Ltd can provide you with the ultimate showering experience.

A selection of shower options to suit you

All our shower screens have:

  • Minimum 8mm glass for extra durability and safety

  • Frameless shower screen to provide a seamless look

  • Fixings are available in multiple finishes and colours to match your existing fittings

  • Sandblasting available for privacy or a custom design – we can provide any design to your specifications

Our shower panels and screens

Fixed shower panel
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Fixed shower panels

A simple glass panel fixed into position often does the trick and can look very nice. They are suitable for wet rooms, baths or large shower trays and enable spaces to remain open. We can provide fixings in different colours and finishes.

Hinged shower panel
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Hinged shower screens

If you have a bath, small shower tray or an alcove shower, a hinged shower screen enables the creation of a door or small foldable panel. These are particularly useful for small spaces where a glass panel would otherwise be too awkward.

Walk-in shower cubicle
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Walk-in shower cubicles

Walk-in shower cubicles are designed with multiple panels to minimise spillage onto the floor of your bathing area. They do not have doors and are suitable for small shower trays.

Shower cubicle
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Glass shower enclosures

For a larger size area, a glass shower enclosure can be the perfect solution. These are suitable for all showers and baths, and they are composed of a full glass surround with a door.

Shot of luxurious interior of a bathroom with shower

Are you looking for shower screens? Whether you want a glass shower enclosure or a simple panel, contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa. We also do glass sandblasting and splashbacks.

Call 01926 422074

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