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House with large stained glass window

Processed glass

At Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa, we have an expert team that processes the glass in our workshop to the highest quality.

Glass for a variety of applications

Processed glass is a type of glass that has been treated for a range of purposes such as toughening, laminating and heat strengthening. Our processed glass includes polished edges, arrissed edges, bevelled edges, holes and cut-outs, plus radius corners.

Polished edges

Polished Edge is a safe to touch and attractive finish to a glass edge. Two small 45-degree bevels are ground into the edges to remove the sharp cut edge, then it is polished to give it a clear and shiny look. Polished edges are typically applied to any glass with an exposed edge

Bevelled edges

Bevels can be applied to add a decorative feature to your glass or mirror. Sizes of our bevels range from 8mm thick to 30mm thick. A polished edge can also be used with a bevelled edge if the edges are exposed.

Arrissed edges

Arrissed edge is a functional, not decorative finish. The sharp cut edge is blunted off for safe handling. Arrissed edges are a minimum requirement for toughened glass as a sharp edge cannot survive the toughening process.

Holes and cut-outs

Using our specialist water-fed glass drill, we can drill holes in glass from a minimum of 4mm diameter. Cut-Outs can be cut into glass to allow sockets and switches to be fitted onto the glass.

Radius corners

Radius corners from a minimum of 5mm can be cut into glass. 5mm dubs can be applied to surface protectors to remove the sharp 90-degree corner. Click below to see our guide to help measure your radius corner.

Ground sunk finger pulls

Finger pulls are used for glass in sliding cabinets. They are solutions that do not stick out of the glass and allow the two panes to overlap each other.  Ground sunk finger pulls are grooves ground into the surface of the glass to allow fingertips to grip the glass.

Close-Up Stained Glass

Do you need processed glass? Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for quality processed glass to suit your requirements. We cut glass to size and fit.

Call 01926 422074

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