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Juliette Balcony (Toughened Laminated)


Choose Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for a range of balustrading options.

Beautiful glass balustrades and balconies

Glass balustrades and balconies are versatile, practical, and beautiful. Tamara Glass Ltd can custom create your glass balustrade or balcony to fit your requirements perfectly.

Stair balustrade

Balustrades are suitable for the stairs and landing and can be shaped to fit any angle. There are many different styles, colours and finishes available, including brushed or polished metal, or stained wood. Amongst the benefits of glass balustrades is the fact that they allow more light to shine through your home!

Juliette balcony

Glass Juliet balconies are unobtrusive and increases the aesthetic appeal of your home. They enable more natural light and fresh air into your property and they can be fitted to a frame or wall. Fixings are available in different styles, colours and finishes, including brushed or polished metal.

Glass only balustrade

Frameless balustrades are clear and strong and can be stunning to look at. They provide the ultimate view, with no supports or rails to get in the way. They are safe and secure and look fabulous on stairwells or as balconies. When you want a space to feel bigger, while having a safety barrier, frameless balustrades are an excellent option. They have a special base that the glass slots into, but nothing on the sides or on top of glass.

Our systems can be very expensive as toughened/laminated is needed. We’re available to give you our expert advice!

Glass balcony system

Are you looking for class and elegance in your design? Tamara Glass Ltd can supply glass and post/rail systems in multiple styles, colours, and finishes, including one to five-sided designs, to allow you to make a choice that matches your specific requirements and taste.

Modern balustrade

Are you looking for balustrading services? Contact Tamara Glass Ltd in Leamington Spa for stair balustrades or glass balcony systems. We also provide glass cutting and fitting services.

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